Sadha Budaya  
◆Place (1)Puri Saleng Agung Palace
◆Fee Rp 80,000
◆The date Friday every week 19:30-
Sada Budaya Barong2 Sada Budaya Barong3
BAPAN DANCE・・・This is opening dance. A monkey appears with a baron and makes a spectator laugh by the comical movement of the monkey. TELEK DANCE・・・The dancers who attached a beautiful mask and a wicked mask appears and expresses a fight with the god and evil.
Sada Budaya Barong4 Sada Budaya Barong5
First Act・・・The story begins at the night of the new moon. The girls are taught Black magic by a witch of kingdom DLRAH of the evil. Second Act・・・This is Gulu who handle White magic. Gulu looks for a witch and ask her to stop a wicked trial, but a witch refuses it.
Sada Budaya Barong6 Sada Budaya Barong7
Second Act・・・Witch Rangdeng Dirah. Witch knows that Gulu's magical power is stronger than oneself and transforms myself into a monster Randa. Third Act・・・Gulu and Randa. Gulu think that in this situation Gulu cannot win to Randa, and transform myself into Barong.
サダ・ブダヤ バロン7 サダ・ブダヤ バロン8
Third Act・・・The villager confronts Randa to help Barong, but sticks a dagger into own body by the effect of an incantation or a curse of Randa. Third Act・・・Barong appears to the confused people and heals people cursed for wicked power. After all fighting of Barong and Randa are not come to a settlement and go on fighting.
Sada Budaya Barong10 Ubud Image
After finished performance all characters come in the stage. you can see Barong Dance at Puri Saleng Agung Palace.