Open Hour
09:00 - 21:00 everyday
(Different in each store)
Jl.Laksmana, Seminyak
0361-732 106
Different in each store
WEB site
How to go
Please use Car Charter!
  • Seminyak Square 1The new shopping center located in Seminyak .
  • Seminyak Square 22-floor building of Seminyak Square opened in 2009.
  • Seminyak Square 3Periplus Bookstore
  • Seminyak Square 4Popular Boutique Body & Soul
  • Seminyak Square 5Sunday market opened at the mall area.
  • Seminyak Square 6Stalls at Sunday Market

  • Seminyak Square 7Just a few stores on the second floor.
  • Seminyak Square 8View from Bali Bakery at 2nd floor.

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